Habitat Assessment

Before you start planning and incorporating native plantings on your property, you should assess what is currently there, including any invasive and non-native plants. 

Check out this list from the North Carolina Native Plant Society to see images and descriptions for invasive and non-native plants commonly found in North Carolina:

Invasive, Non-Native Exotic Species List

Once you have managed or eradicated invasive and non-native plants on your property, read through the North Carolina Pollinator Toolkit, designed specifically for landowners in North Carolina, to learn more about site preparation, maintenance, regionally appropriate plants, and much more! 

Other tools that may be useful as you create pollinator habitat, include the Xerces Society’s Habitat Assessment Guides.  There are many different guides for various types of landscapes, that will help evaluate existing habitat, as well as identify areas that need improvement.  Click on the link below to see what is available: