Return of Long-lost Bees Creating a lot of Presidio Buzz

If you work for any type of natural resource organization, you’ll often hear the words, *If you build it, they will come*. These words rang true to form for the Presidio Trust in San Francisco last week. It is “the latest example of how the removal of invasive plants and the restoration of dunes and grasses at the former military base have helped bring back lost species that thrived for tens of thousands of years in the coastal habitat”. Silver digger bees, once common in this area, were rarely seen until last week. They pollinate numerous native plants. The females have long back legs for digging burrows in the sand, 20 to 30 inches deep. To read more about this exciting project, click here!

Photo courtesy of Constanza Hevia H.
Photo courtesy of Constanza Hevia H.
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