Plant Resources

Our Plant Resources Committee is working to develop appropriate native seed lists for all interested parties, including  local governments, farmers, schools, utility companies, backyard gardeners and more!

Click here to find a comprehensive list of the ‘best of‘ North Carolina native plant species that pollinators use.

There are a myriad of good reasons to plant native.  Native plants are adapted to local environmental conditions.  Once established, they require little maintenance, including minimal watering or fertilizing.  Most importantly, native habitat preserves biodiversity and supports our intricate ecosystem.

Photo courtesy of Debbie Roos

Photo courtesy of Debbie Roos










Dr. Doug Tallamy, University of Delaware entomologist, showed that exotic ornamental species support 29 times less biodiversity than native species.  For example, Kousa dogwood, a species from China, does not provide forage for any insect herbivores.  Conversely, our native flowering dogwood (Cornus florida), supports 117 species of moths and butterflies alone.  Click here for more information on Dr. Tallamy’s research.

Check back as we continue to develop additional native plant lists, as well as a list of local seed suppliers!